Tigress killer was inexperienced: NTCA report

Mumbai, India

When the tigress Avni was killed by the forest department’s Asghar Ali Khan. It was claimed that the killing was in self defense. But the National Tiger Conservation Authority (NTCA) report says otherwise. The report claims that Avni was actually going on her path, away from the road, while she was hit by the tranquilizer and did not need to have been put to death.

The incompetence of the forest department is seen in using an inexperienced sharp shooter who apparently mistook the reaction of Avni as aggression. However it is not ruled out whether he was just trigger happy and disobeyed orders to get a trophy. The Maharashtra forest ministry conducted the inquiry headed by SH Patil a Forest department officer along with Bilal Habib, a member of the Wildlife Institute of India.

The killing was condemned by several citizens and animal rights activists including Union Minister Maneka Gandhi who started the organisation People for Animals (PFA) and is one of the largest organisations for animal rights/welfare in India. She has accused the shooter as being trigger-happy in a tweet, and expressed concern about the life of the two cubs of Avni.

India has not only worshiped the motherland, rivers and trees, we have been worshiping animals too from time immemorial. And the Tiger is the national animal of our nation since independence. The report must be used to take action against those responsible for the death of a mute animal for the sake of satiating the ‘we are at the top of the food chain’ thought process of mankind.

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