The Indian Truman Show

Ask yourself as to who has been the cruelest against Rahul, don’t be surprised, it is the Congress party itself. He is pathetically starring in his own version of the Truman Show making one silly mistake after the other.
As the old adage goes if a person has a true friend, he does not need a mirror, and not having anyone who would hold up a mirror is truly the tragic part of being Rahul. He has been quite consistently making a fool of himself and his fake well wishers have consistently given him incorrect feedback. They give him dishonest opinions of how people loved his bloopers, and to make things worse, they disproportionately highlight faux pas of his opponents. The best of men have goofed up at times and finding them in politicians of any shade is not too difficult. To pick on the not so common bloopers of other politicians, while he himself produces them almost like on an assembly line does more damage to him than it harms those who make them occasionally.
If one were to list out only the most embarrassing ones, it still would be an exhaustive one. The escape velocity of Jupiter or the politics in your pants, a 5 hour fast which barely lasted a few hours with pictures emerging of gorging by some of the participants before the fast. Then the whole party went about making such pathetic excuses saying that it’s the era of shorter version of cricket so a days fast can be shortened to a few hours!
He makes accusations against a CM’s son and then withdraws saying he was confused! This brings to mind the classic Jim Carrey movie, The Truman Show where he is unaware of the reality of the world he is living in. The entire congress machinery puts up such a show to fool Rahul into continuing his foolishness.
But while we question the integrity of people who surround Rahul let us understand that his blind supporters or rather those who support him because of their blind hate of the PM are equally responsible for him being the way he is. Those who profess to care about him for whatever reasons must ask themselves if they would correct their children if needed sternly or would they falsely praise and encourage them to continue the way they are going.
The ones who deserve special mention are those journalists who went overboard with statements claiming the launch and relaunch of the new and improved Rahul proclaiming him as brilliant when he delivered inane speeches, whatever they were paid was totally wasted. Such journalists are milking a system to maximize their returns in the shortest possible time. They all know that this is all going to end soon and with single minded focus they make as much hay as they can.
The bitterness they have for the man who is responsible for stopping their gravy train blinds them from being able to see the good in anything. And this is also the case with those articulate crooked leaders of their party who need the party desperately without which they would amount to nothing and they need a ‘goongi gudiya’ and luckily for them, unlike Mrs Indira Gandhi, this time they have ensured that Rahul remains a blabbering ignoramus and remains ignorant of all ground realities, never getting the opportunity to learn from his mistakes hence they would never be threatened. So the Congress machinery will ensure that the Indian Truman Show goes on and poor Rahul  never gets real.
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