Piracy strikes Vijay’s new movie after his big political movie


After the release of the movie Nota, which ended up as a disaster at the boxoffice, Vijay Devarakonda had pinned a lot of hope on his new movie Taxiwala which has been release officially on Nov 17th 2018. Prior to Nota, Vijay had a big hit with the movie Geeta  govindam. It had a great collection at the boxoffice and all the distributors could fill their pockets with excellent table profits and increased Vijay’s popularity. In spite of his improved popularity, NOTA turned out to be a disaster.

At pre release function and in promotions of Taxiwala Vijay had made few comments against video piracy and the hackers, this resulted in the pirates making the following statement, “WE GOT THIS LEAKED PRINT MANY MONTHS AGO, HOWEVER WE PLANNED TO RELEASE THIS LEAKED PRINT AFTER 3 to 4 WEEKS FROM THE OFFICIAL THEATRICAL RELEASE DATE BUT BECAUSE OF SOME ASSHOLES WE ARE FORCED TOO RELEASE IT BEFORE, WE ARE EXTREMELY SORRY.”and the pirated video of the movie was leaked online before 4 days of the movie release. Movie link went viral online and downloads are still going on. Movie produced by Geeta arts and UV creations, being a great production house’s in south couldn’t prevent the piracy of the film.

Several movies go online within hours of the release. Superstars of Indian movies from all languages generally avoid commenting about piracy because they have realised that if the content of the movie is good, then people will watch it in theatres and in the first weekend itself they will reach a commercially safe position.

Recently Aamir Khan’s Thugs of Hindustan and Ilayatalapthy Vijay’s  Sarkar were also released online after the morning show, yet these movies had good collection and made the distributors safe. While the anti piracy debate is going on since years, with producers saying “piracy is killing them and is making them lose interest in producing films” and several of those supporting pirates say, “The movies are substandard with no good content and are being produced with black money

The loss on a lower budget film is mostly to the production homes, and the movie fans tend to side against movie stars if they come across as arrogant and showing attitude. Fans watch interviews with stars and generally have worshipped stars who come across as down to earth and humble inspite of the huge wealth difference between them and their huge fan base. Yes piracy is against the law and legal help must be taken to prevent it, but provoking those hackers does not seem to help.

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