Cauvery water flowing under our roads

By the time all pipes are laid and the Cauvery water flows through them, some vehicles will sink. Many roads have been dug up to lay pipes. Wonder why they never repair the roads back to normal.

A KM long road would have 5000 vehicles running daily. The damages due to bad road conditions would be far higher than the repair cost of the road.

Vehicles plying on these roads will have their useful life cut short drastically. Or at the least it will require untimely repairs. One can just imagine the scale of loss across the country. The loss is surely not limited to financial only when these bad roads often take lives too. Nation wide statistics of road accidents would put many great wars to shame.

Several CCTV footages have shown that bad roads have contributed to most accidents. Where the roads are reasonably well, you would find extremely poor engineering. The PWD departments seem to have given road design work to people who have no idea about driving.

Why is it so hard for us to understand the seriousness of this issue?

People have got conditioned to accept even mass deaths, and get affected only when individuals known to them are affected. We ignore something that is dangerous as it becomes familiar. We see at bus stops, busses swerve in towards people who want to be the fastest to get in. Rarely realising that they were a few feet away from severe injuries or even death.

But if they were in a public place where someone fired a gun in the opposite direction, they would remember that for the rest of their lives, of course that becomes common too in war torn places where shootouts become the new normal.

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